Spade Beard - The Need To Knows

Does the name spade beard ring a bell? As the name suggests, this beard style resembles a spade. Similar to the chin curtain beard style, the spade beard features thick and long beard hair grown directly downward from the jawline. The main difference between the spade beard and the chin curtain beard is the spade beard is a denser and more squared-off shape that's generally grown from a slightly higher starting point on the face.

The spade beard style looks great on most facial shapes, although it is best suited to people who can grow thicker and fuller beard hair. When sporting this style, it's essential to take extra care when grooming as just a small deviation or mistake can lead to a completely different style. The length of the spade beard is usually kept to around 4-6 inches, and the bottom is carefully trimmed and shaped to give the style its distinctive silhouette look of a sharp jawline that many men crave.

How To Grow And Groom A Spade Beard

There isn't a great deal of skill required to grow and groom the spade beard style. To start, grow a full beard to the length of between 4-6 inches. Once at length, use your razor to shave away the hair on your upper lip and upper cheeks to around 1cm down from the main cheek growth line while remembering to follow the contours of your face. Next, use your razor to remove the hair from your lower neck; shave an arched curve shape from one earlobe to the other while passing just over the top side of the Adam's apple. Finally, use your beard trimmer and grooming scissors to horizontally square off the lower part of your beard directly below your chin. While squaring off, minimise the tapering around the edges of your beard as much as you can to try and keep the style as squared off and as spade-shaped as possible.

For an authentic spade beard, we would, as above, recommend you remove your upper lip hair; however, you can if you so wish, have a short moustache with this style no longer than a couple of centimetres. This beard style doesn't require a great deal of maintenance, and once it's cut to shape can be left to grow freely. We would, however, recommend that from time to time, you remove any stray beard hair from your upper lip, cheeks and lower neck to keep the style as clean and as fresh as possible. We would also recommend regularly using a beard balm and beard oil to help soften the hair to make the style more manageable, along with an electrically heated beard straightener to prevent the style from becoming to scruffy.

Tips For Styling And Maintaining The Spade Beard Style

- Make sure you retain symmetry on both sides of the style and be sure to keep the beard's bottom as straight as possible.

- Shave the hair on your cheeks around 1cm down from the main hair growth line while following the contours of your face.

- Be sure to remove any stubble regrowth as it does not compliment this style.

- Use beard trimming scissors to trim away any long strands of hair that poke out.

- Just like other long beard styles, remember to brush and comb your beard hair regularly and always apply a good quality beard oil and beard balm to keep your beard hair soft and manageable.

- To flawlessly style your beard, incorporate an electrically heated beard straightener into your daily grooming routine to keep this style looking clean and fresh.

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