Verdi Beard - The Need To Knows

The Verdi beard is a combination of a well-styled and groomed full beard, ducktail beard, rounded beard and moustache, that without a shadow of a doubt is one of the coolest beard styles a man can have. Named after the famous 19th-century composer Giuseppe Verdi, this articulate beard style has in recent years been making a significant comeback with many men opting for its unique head-turning scruffy yet well-groomed look.

So, what exactly does the Verdi beard style entail and what face shape does it best suit?

The Verdi beard styles main focal point is its overly elaborate winged moustache; this moustache is then combined with a rounded ducktail beard that's grown to a length of between 5-10cm and no longer. Once everything's grown, and in place, there's then a grooming balancing act that needs to be mastered that can be tricky to achieve. When sporting this look, it's vital that the style remains well-groomed, shaped and structured without being to clean; most men with this style accomplish this look by overly grooming, styling and shaping the moustache while allowing the rest of the beard to be slightly, yet controllably scruffier.

The consensus with this style is that generally, it is best suited to men with longer and more triangular facial shapes. However, do bear in mind one does need to be able to comfortably grow a full and thick beard to enable them to achieve this look.

How To Grow And Groom The Perfect Verdi Beard

Growing the Verdi beard is actually pretty straight forward, however grooming it, on the other hand, does require a little skill, especially if you're doing it yourself and not going to your local barber to get it done. To start, you first need to grow a full beard to a length of between 5-10cm. Once grown to your desired length, you then want to round off and taper the beard in from your upper cheeks down toward your lower chin. To achieve this, use both an adjustable beard trimmer and beard grooming scissors to bring the shape in, round and down toward your lower chin, you want to aim to have a 3-5cm difference in the length of the hair between your upper cheeks and your lower chin. Remember, this part of the style can remain a little scruffier, so make it look tidy but not overly crisp and clean. Once this stage is complete, you then need to groom your moustache. To do this, first, horizontally trim away any moustache hair that is overlapping your upper lip by using your beard trimming scissors, then, use your razor to curve a winged shape onto the upper part of your moustache.

Finally, use beard oil and beard balm to help keep your beard hair shaped and manageable while using a moustache wax to achieve the unique upward winged moustache of the Verdi beard style.

Tips For Styling And Maintaining Your Verdi Beard Style

- Ensure that your beard's edges are always neatly trimmed.

- The moustache plays a crucial role in your Verdi beard. However, the moustache must never grow below your mouth's corners, and it must always be curved upwards.

- If you want to execute this style flawlessly, you must regularly trim your moustache to keep it in shape.

- To give your beard the perfect shape, apply a beard balm and beard oil as it will help to soften your facial hair and make it more manageable.

- To give your moustache the perfect curve, use a moustache wax to define its edges and hold it in place.

- Regularly use an adjustable beard trimmer and beard grooming scissors to keep this style at the perfect length and in the ideal shape.

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