Ducktail Beard - The Need To Knows

The ducktail beard style is a shaped version of the classic full beard and gets its funky name from the way it looks. By looking at this style, you can see how much the bottom end of this beard resembles the tail of a duck.

Most men who decide on growing this beard style usually consider it the perfect balance between a formal and a casual look. Because the ducktail beard is, in essence, a groomed version of the classic full beard, one gets the benefits of the informal aspects of the classic full beard but also reaps the benefits of a formally groomed beard. This makes the ducktail beard style a popular choice for individuals looking for a balanceable style between work and personal life.

How To Grow And Groom The Perfect Ducktail Beard

Because the ducktail beard is a groomed version of the classic full beard, the growing process is identical, but the grooming process is different. First, you must allow your beard to grow to a length of at least 1 inch freely; this can take from anywhere between one to three months to achieve depending on the growth speed of your beard.

Once grown to length, achieve a ducktail style by making the upper part of the beard from the lips backwards shorter than the hair below the lips and on the chin and neck. The difference in length between the upper and lower parts of this beard style is entirely at one's discretion, providing the chin hair is longer; it's a ducktail beard. If you are however stuck on what difference in length you should go for; we would recommend a starting point of anywhere between 3-5cm difference.

Finally, the beard then needs to be shaped to your desired structure and angle. This part is up to you and is dependent on how formal or casual you would like your ducktail beard to be. The more symmetrical and angled the ducktail, the more formal the look will be, and of course, the less structured the symmetry and angles are, the more casual the look will be.

Tips For Styling And Maintaining The Ducktail Beard Style

Once you have achieved the initial look of longer hair on the lower part of your face and shorter hair on the top part of your face, the next step is to style your ducktail to your preference.

- Take time, care and attention to ensure you trim and angle your ducktail into the shape you desire.

- When you start trimming you need to ensure that you maintain symmetry, even if you're going for a more casual look.

- To help you get the centre point of your ducktail correct, we would recommend using a beard oil first as it will make your hair softer and more manageable.

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