Hipster Beard - The Need To Knows

If you're looking to make a bold statement with your beard style, then a hipster beard may be the choice for you. The hipster beard is not actually a single beard style; it's, in fact, a combination of several beard styles bought together to best suit an individual, the contours of their face and the image or profile they're going for. A hipster beard is also usually tied together with a very complementing hairstyle to give the wearer the particular hipster look they're going for.

You've probably seen many people flaunt this style on your Instagram newsfeed, and when adequately styled, nothing can beat the sleek and smart look of the hipster beard. The hipster beard style usually has a moustache; the beard is generally kept bushy and thick but well-groomed, and, as said above, is almost always coupled with a complementing hairstyle.

The secret with this style is the is no right or wrong way of doing it, something that may work for you, may not work for somebody else and vice versa. One has to just keep chipping away with this style until they find something that best suits them.

How To Grow And Groom The Perfect Hipster Beard

The hipster beard has several variations depending on the style you prefer; generally, this style is designed to be natural and scruffy while completing one's overall appearance. As a starting point, we would recommend for you to aim toward the garibaldi beard style while keeping the beard hair length closer to the 10cm mark rather than the 20cm mark. While your beard is in the growing process, we would also recommend you take the chance to look online at men who already have this style and pick a particular hipster beard, and hairstyle you feel will best suit you and your needs. Do at this stage remember to consider the total amount of daily, weekly and monthly grooming you're willing to put in for that style as it may be more than you would like to.

Alternatively, as your beard is growing, you may find that you struggle to grow hair in a particular area of your face. The hipster beard style allows you to embrace these growing problems and provides you with the ability to mix and match beard styles to best suit you. Most hipster beards are however between 10-15cm in length, are usually sported with a well-groomed moustache, generally have some kind of ducktail shaping and are always styled to suit the contours of the wearer's face and hairstyle.

Top Tips For Styling And Maintaining A Hipster Beard

- Keep your hipster beard to around 10cm in length.

- Maintain the length of your beard by using beard trimming scissors and clippers.

- Incorporate different styles and lengths together until you find something that best suits you.

- Match your hipster beard together with your hairstyle for the best look.

- If you're sporting a moustache be sure to keep it well-groomed and in shape by using moustache wax.

- Make sure to regularly apply a high-quality beard oil and beard balm to help keep your beard hair in place, soft and manageable.

Below, we have links to all the different beard styles available and how to grow, groom and care for these styles - why not check them out?

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- Friendly Mutton Chops Beard

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- Egyptian Goatee Beard

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- Hipster Beard


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