Horseshoe Beard - The Need To Knows

In American history, the Wild West was an era that made significant contributions to today's fashion scene, not just in America, but all over the world; cowboy boots matched with the horseshoe moustache and beard were the most iconic stars of the show during this time. Today, the boots have mostly been dropped, but the unique cowboy horseshoe beard still remains amongst one of the more popular beard styles to find its way onto many men's faces.

Just like its name says; the horseshoe beard looks exactly like a horseshoe. Some people like to keep the horseshoe as just a moustache, whereas others want to combine it with a full beard. This is the beauty of the horseshoe beard, and there is no right or wrong way of embracing this iconic beard style.

So which facial shapes does this style best suit? Men who have either oval or rounder facial contours look particularly good with the horseshoe beard style, however, in the most part, this style looks best on men with slightly wider faces vs men with thinner or longer faces.

How To Grow And Groom A Horseshoe Beard

The best way of cultivating the perfect horseshoe is by first growing a full beard and then shaping that beard into a horseshoe moustache. If you attempt to shape a horseshoe before it has grown into a full beard, you'll find it incredibly tricky to get your desired shape correct. You need to start with a solid full beard foundation and then chop your horseshoe style into it.

Once you've got a full beard between the length of around 3-5cm, you're ready to start shaving it into a horseshoe. Start by first shaving your cheeks from the centre point backward toward your ears, and the area directly below your lower lip. This will start to develop the two iconic downward pipes, the width of the pipes is up to you, although we would recommend keeping the pipes at around 2cm wide. Next, you need to shave your moustache from the top corners round, and, down so that it links with the cheek hair leftover from the previous step, this will connect your moustache and your chin hair together. By this point, you should be starting to see the horseshoe shape coming along nicely. For the final step, shave away the hair from your neck and chin as you do not want it included in this style. Make sure to also go over your face with a razor once more to remove any unwanted hair you may have missed from any of the previous steps to finish off and tidy your horseshoe style.

Tips For Styling And Maintaining A Horseshoe Moustache And Beard

Some men like to sport only a horseshoe moustache whereas others like to pair it with a beard. Either way, the horseshoe beard needs to be regularly maintained and looked after, here are a few tips:

- You will need to invest in a high-quality safety razor for when you're maintaining the shape of the pipes; this will ensure your face will be precisely and smoothly shaved giving your pipes the best opportunity to stand out.

- To keep your horseshoe beard looking neat, trim its sides at least a few times each week to remove any stubble growth. Stubble does not complement a horseshoe beard.

- Make use of a good quality beard trimmer to ensure that your moustache, beard and pipes are always kept to the perfect length.

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