Chin Curtain Beard - The Need To Knows

The chin curtain beard style is also known as the Amish beard; it's known as the Amish beard because most men in the Amish community have this beard style. The chin curtain beard style simply put is hair that grows along the jawline that increases in length at the chin while the upper cheeks, moustache and lower neck are cleanly shaven.

The chances are that if you have or are considering to grow this Amish beard style, you're Amish; however, not everyone who has this style is or has to be Amish; the prime example, Abraham Lincoln, he wasn't Amish, and he was the man who bought this style to its peak fame. Furthermore, over recent years, the chin curtain beard style has boosted in popularity with many younger men, especially those who struggle to grow upper facial hair. Younger men are using a shorter variation of this style as a great alternative to similar beard styles they may be unable to grow due to patchy beard growth. This chin curtain beard style best suits men who have larger faces along with those who have broad oval faces.

How To Grow And Shape A Chin Curtain Beard Style

To achieve this style, you need to begin by growing a full beard. You don't need any beard growing talent; just let your beard grow naturally along your chin and cheeks. There is no specific limit for length; just settle on one according to your personal preference.

Once you've grown a full beard to your desired length, you then need to shave it to shape. Start by first shaving the moustache, upper cheeks and chin area. The aim here is to create a curved arced strip of hair running from one sideburn to the other; you want to aim to get the top part of the arc around 1cm above the jawline while following the contours of your face. Finally, you need to shave away the hair on your neck, to do this shave an arc from one earlobe to the other passing just over the Adam's apple then remove any hair below this arc.

When it comes to length, generally, Amish men will allow their beard to continually grow without trimming it. However, non-Amish men will usually grow their chin curtain from anywhere between stubble to a couple of inches then use a beard trimmer to maintain their chosen length.

Tips For Styling And Maintaining Your Chin Curtain

- Keep the edges well defined by using a sharp razor and trimming scissors.

- Regularly shave your moustache, neck and cheeks to remove any stray hair and stubble.

- Find a length that best suits you then use an adjustable beard trimmer to maintain that length.

- Try to keep the curve in line with your jaw and the contours of your face.

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