Mutton Chops Beard - The Need To Knows

Certain beard styles never grow out of fashion, even if they're a tad wild and one such type is the mutton chops beard. This beard style has been around since Victorian times, but rose to its highest popularity during the 19th century firstly by the influence of Elvis Presley, and more recently by the influence of actor, Hugh Jackman playing everyone's most beloved X-Men character, Wolverine.

This killer look is now making a significant comeback, and we're seeing many men opting for its verity of different variations combining and mixing beard thickness, beard length and the combination of a moustache or not. If you have a moustache with your mutton chops beard it's known as a 'friendly' mutton chops beard, we cover that style here in this post.

How To Grow The Perfect Mutton Chops Beard

To grow the mutton chops of your dreams, you need to stop shaving and let your beard grow its heart out, simple. Once your facial hair has reached a length of roughly around 3-5cm, you then need to shave all the unwanted areas of your face to leave you with your desired mutton chop shape.

How To Trim And Shape Mutton Chops

Traditionally the mutton chop beard style is very bushy and full, so air on the side of caution if you're trimming your beard in from anything longer than 5cm; when sporting mutton chops try to keep your beard hair around 3-5cm in length. To shape your mutton chops start by firstly shaving your neck to around 1cm away from your jawline. Then, the easiest way to put it; shave the area where a goatee beard would typically be, so, that's the moustache, round the lips and the chin. Try to also angle the bottom part of your cheek hair toward the lower side of your chin rather than shaving straight down, as traditionally the mutton chop style is very edgy and angled. For the best looking chops, try to reflect some angle when you're shaping the style into your beard.

Maintaining Your Mutton Chops Beard Style

Depending on how fast your beard hair grows, and without regular trimming and shaping your mutton chops will start to lose their shape roughly around every 2-3 weeks. To avoid this loss of shape, you must ensure that you regularly keep the edges of your beard sharp and clean and stray hairs at bay. You can use a beard trimmer to help keep your mutton chops to the correct length and repeat the trimming and shaping steps above to ensure your chops continue to look crisp and polished.

If your beard becomes hard to manage, we recommend using high-quality beard oil, beard shampoo and beard conditioner to help soften and make your facial hair more manageable.

The mutton chop style needs to be well chalked out and well maintained to keep it looking sharp; here are a few extra pointers to help you out:

- Make sure to maintain the symmetry of the style on both sides of your face while if possible, trying to angle and shape the style with the contours of your face.

- Keep your beard hair to a length of around 3-5cm.

- Use only the highest quality beard grooming tools to maintain this beard style.

- Even though this style boasts a fuller and broader beard be sure not to let it run wild, regularly groom your chops to keep them looking the best they can.

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