Circle Beard - The Need To Knows

The circle beard is a type of goatee beard in which the chin and moustache hair are connected together while wrapping around the mouth. The main difference between a goatee style and a circle beard is its length and look; the circle beard is a much shorter variation of a goatee beard that offers the wearer a cleaner and more polished look that a goatee generally does not.

The circle beard style is usually associated with a geeky appearance due to its stereotypical past, although in recent years is becoming a more popular choice owing to its depictions in various popular TV series and films. This beard style is also sometimes referred to as the door knocker; as you guessed, its ring-like shape has been known to resemble the shape of a front door knocker.

This beard style is a perfect choice for men who want a clean and polished look who maybe don't grow beard hair as fast as they would like to. This short beard style is very versatile as it generally works well on most facial shapes, excluding diamond-shaped and oblong-shaped faces. As with most short beard styles, the circle beard typically works best on men with a darker skin complexion and darker facial hair; if you've got fair facial hair, this beard style may not show up as well.

How To Grow And Groom A Circle Beard

If you're looking for a quick and easy beard style, the circle beard may be the one for you as it can be achieved in around four weeks. The circle beard is what we would call a tamed and clean style, although because of this it does require regular maintenance and grooming as stubble growth does not complement shorter, more tamed beard styles.

Firstly, you need to grow your beard stubble to a length of between 3-5mm. You then need to shave your cheeks, sideburns and neck making sure to leave your moustache, chin hair and soul patch in place. Finally, you then need to use your razor to best shape and smooth the edges of your circle beard to the contours of your face. You can spend as much or as little time on this final step as you like, although being a tamed style we would recommend making sure you get the final touch up stage as good and as clean as possible.

Tips For Maintaining Your Circle Beard Style

- You will need to use a combination of a good quality beard trimmer and various razors, both big and small for proper shaping and styling of your circle beard.

- When shaving your face and neck, be sure to leave an ample amount of hair around the mouth to give yourself enough wiggle room for when you're shaping.

- Before you begin styling your beard to your desired shape, you should already have settled on the type of shape you feel will best suit the contours of your face.

- Make sure to give the hair around your mouth a perfectly smooth and rounded shape.

- Keep the length of your beard hair between 3-5mm and use an adjustable beard trimmer to maintain this length.

- Regular daily grooming is recommended to keep this style looking the best it can.

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