Stubble Beard - The Need To Knows

If you've got stubble hair, it unfortunately doesn't classify as having a beard as stubble is just too short, sorry for the letdown guys! Stubble, referred to as the five o'clock shadow became fashionable in the 80s, it's known as the five o'clock shadow because if you shaved in the morning, by five o'clock that day, your beard regrowth would already be coming back through. People with a stubble beard generally give off a too lazy to shave vibe which right now is a trendy look.

A stubble beard isn't everyone's cup of tea, so make sure you are making the right choice if you decide to go for one. If you are looking to add the perfect touch of masculinity and avoid your baby face look, then stubble should be the go-to choice.

Stubble takes a very short time to grow, usually around 2-5 days. You should let the hair grow to about a length of 3-5mm, after which you need to use a trimmer to ensure your stubble remains at the ideal length. Overall, stubble is a very straightforward and easy beard style to maintain.

How To Style And Take Care Of A Stubble Beard

There are a few things you need to do to maintain a great looking stubble beard. We recommend regular trimming and shaving of the upper cheek and lower neck area to help keep your stubble at the correct length and in the right shape to avoid a shabby and untidy look.

Other pointers to keep in mind are:

- Use beard scissors to remove stray hairs that your trimmer has missed.

- To achieve an even length throughout, make sure you pass the trimmer many times over the stubble in a variety of directions.

- With a razor, shave an even U shaped line from one earlobe to the other passing just over the Adam's apple, then, a matching line both sides of the face just above the main stubble growth on the upper cheeks to clear away any stray hairs.

- Make sure you use an adjustable beard trimmer that is set to a length of between 3-5mm.

- To maintain a tidy, top-notch stubble look it is best to repeat these steps once every two to five days depending on how quickly your beard hair grows.

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