Goatee With A Moustache Beard - The Need To Knows

Some men like combining a goatee with a moustache, which, frankly speaking, is a highly sought after beard style. This short beard style is also called the circle beard in which the moustache hair continues downwards and along the sides of the mouth to connect with the chin beard. In our opinion, it is one of the best looking short beard styles a man can have.

This beard style looks great on almost all facial shapes; if you have a long, round or square face shape, you should give the goatee with a moustache style a shot, providing you can actually grow upper lip hair. Out of the three facial shapes we've listed above, we would say this style works incredibly well for men with a square-shaped face who may not be comfortable with growing a full long beard to soften their facial shape. A goatee with a moustache, just like a full beard has also been known to soften and round off the sharp features a square face shape has.

How To Grow And Groom A Goatee With A Moustache Beard

So how can you grow the perfect goatee beard with the combo of a moustache? Let's find out:

When growing this short beard style for the first time, and just like with a standard goatee, you need to start by letting your beard grow until it reaches a length of around ½ an inch. You then need to shape the lower chin and cheek area as per our standard goatee guide. Next, you need to decide how you would like to incorporate your moustache with this style. Most will match the hair length of the moustache with the length of the chin hair and shave a symmetrical upside-down U curve either side to link together the cheek hair coming up from the lower side of the goatee to the moustache.

There is no 'one size fits all' style for a goatee as each and every face shape is different. Play around with this step and gradually shave and shape inward until you find a goatee shape and style that best fits your face.

Styling And Maintaining The Goatee And Moustache Combo

- Symmetry is vital, so make sure both sides are even and matched.

- Do not let the goatee hair grow too far as it can make this crisp style look scruffy.

- Regularly shave the non-goatee area of your face so stay hairs don't start to appear, and remember, stubble does not compliment a goatee.

- Always use a trimmer, a razor and a pair of scissors to help you maintain your goatee and moustache beard style.

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