Extended Goatee Beard - The Need To Knows

The extended goatee beard is simply a combo of a goatee and a moustache that is allowed to, within reason, run slightly wilder. The extended goatee beard is a much scruffier style of goatee compared to other goatee beard styles and requires much less maintenance. It's a perfect choice for someone who doesn't have a tremendous amount of time for grooming or who perhaps doesn't have great beard shaping skills. Also known as the Hollywoodian or tailback style, the extended goatee beard is becoming extremely popular for its more casual, laid back, 'too lazy to shave' look.

Just like the other goatees, the extended goatee beard style complements a vast array of facial shapes, but it does however look best on people with a slightly longer face. If you're tired of patches or scanty facial hair on your cheeks, then this short beard style is an excellent option for you to consider.

How To Grow And Groom The Extended Goatee Beard

Growing the extended goatee style is remarkably easy. Allow your goatee and moustache to grow while shaving and shaping your cheeks and sideburns regularly as per our 'goatee with a moustache guide', then, let your facial hair grow to your desired length and viola, that's how you grow an extended goatee beard.

Tips For Maintaining Your Extended Goatee Beard

- To maintain your extended goatee beard, you need it to give it trim and a shape every now and then to keep it to your desired length and style.

- Many people opt for an outline that is around an inch above the Adam's apple. If you feel that it is too lengthy for you, you can always make it slightly shorter by edging the shave line further up toward the chin area.

- To keep your beard looking tidy and kept, we would recommend regular shaving of the lower neck area to keep any scruffy, stray hairs at bay.

- Trim your goatee beard and moustache relatively regularly, so it doesn't spiral out of control and look too messy.

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