Egyptian Goatee Beard - The Need To Knows

Whenever you've come across famous Egyptian royalty such as Pharaoh in movies, documentaries and depictions you may have noticed that rather large, usually fake goatee beard attached to his face, well, that's an Egyptian goatee. The people of Ancient Egypt were forced to believe that their gods had long pointed goatee beards; this is why sizeable fake status symbol beards were worn by Egyptian royalty to make the people of Egypt believe their leaders were gods.

The Egyptian goatee today is slightly different from Ancient times as it is now seen as a popular and fashionable beard style chosen by many men, globally. The Egyptian Goatee is chin hair that's grown to a pointed tip that's usually quite long and when grown and groomed correctly resembles a pointed arrowhead shape. Usually, when sporting an Egyptian goatee beard style ones face is totally clean-shaven, excluding the lower chin area where the Egyptian goatee sits.

How To Grow And Groom The Perfect Egyptian Goatee Beard

An Egyptian goatee is one of the easiest beard styles to grow and style. First, you need to grow a full beard to around the length of between 3-5cm as a minimum; the longer your hair, the better for this one so do bear that in mind; some men grow their Egyptian goatees to more than 20cm in length. Then, once grown to your chosen length you need to shave your cheeks, moustache, neck and upper chin while leaving a round tuft of hair on the lower part of your chin that is about the width of your chin. Once you've done this, you then need to grab your grooming scissors and trim the sides of your new goatee inward to give it its finishing Egyptian goatee pointed look.

Tips For Styling And Maintaining The Egyptian Goatee

- Give your goatee edges by trimming down and inward to achieve a pointed look.

- Shave the moustache, cheeks, upper chin and neck hair regularly to keep your beard looking clean and fresh.

- By keeping the natural angle of the jawline in mind, maintain the symmetry of the facial hair on both sides of the chin. Always work with a little amount of hair at a time so that you do not end up trimming more hair than you intended to.

- The length of the goatee hair on your chin should be anywhere between 2cm – 20cm.

- Brush or comb your hair daily in a downwards direction or use an electrically heated beard comb to keep your Egyptian goatee straight and under control.

- Always remember to shave any stubble regrowth to help maintain a clean and polished look.

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