Old Dutch Beard - The Need To Knows

The old Dutch beard is also simply known as the Dutch Beard and is the classic old school representation of masculinity that today is stereotypically associated with the lumberjack style. The old Dutch beard has had a very long and eventful history; in the mid 19th century in America, the Dutch beard was recognised as an intellectual or noble beard style owing to its connection with generals and politicians who mostly had the style during the American civil war.

The old Dutch beard style is a large and long beard that's connected from one sideburn to the other; it's curved around the jawline and connected to the soul patch, it doesn't have a moustache and is allowed to flair outwards at the bottom, beneath the chin. When looking at the old Dutch beard style, it can sometimes be easy to get it confused with the chin curtain or the spade beard style, however, once you know the differences it's easy to differentiate.

How To Grow And Groom The Old Dutch Beard

Growing an old Dutch beard style does take some patience as it's quite a long and thick style. First off, and like most beard styles in the 'full beard' category you need to start by growing a classic beard; let your beard freely grow until it gets to a length of around 10cm. Once grown to length, you're then ready to start shaping the style. For the first step begin by shaving the hair away from your upper lip, once you've done that then shave the hair away from you lower neck; to do this shave a curved arch from one earlobe to the other passing just over the Adam's apple, then remove all the hair below that line.

The next part is the most important step to give this beard its Dutch look; grab your razor once more and shave a line from the centre of your chin horizontally back until you reach your sideburns to which you then need to shave vertically up. Your aim with the old Dutch beard style is to create a 90° squared off angle at the sideburns to make the beard appear thicker at the chin than it is at the sides of your face. You can then either shave your soul patch horizontally to flow with the square look of the style or leave it in place; this one is totally up to you. Finally, you then need to grab your beard trimming scissors and clippers to square the outer edges of the style to give the lower part of the beard an outward flared look.

Tips For Styling And Maintaining An Old Dutch Beard

- Regularly shave away stubble regrowth as it does not complement the old Dutch Beard Style.

- Use beard trimming scissors to remove any stray hairs.

- Use a beard balm to keep your hair in place and maintain the shape while also using a good quality beard oil to keep your beard hair soft and manageable.

- When shaping, try to keep this beard style as square and as angled as possible.

- Regularly use adjustable beard clippers to keep this style to your preferred length.

- Use an electrically heated beard straightener to help keep this style looking neat and tidy.

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