Garibaldi Beard - The Need To Knows

Typically the garibaldi beard style is the preferred choice for men with thick and quick growing beard hair who are looking for a rough, slightly rugged and easy to maintain beard style. The garibaldi consists of a generally wider and fuller beard that has rounded edges and a fused moustache to be grown to a maximum length of 20cm, and no longer.

This beard style is the perfect choice for guys who want a full-on dramatic-looking beard but don't want the hassle of having to deal with one. The garibaldi beard style resembles a 'full beard', but in reality, because it's kept to a maximum length of 20cm, it is much more comfortable and manageable than the other beard styles in its category.

How To Grow And Groom The Garibaldi Beard

The garibaldi beard style is classed as a 'full beard' and should be grown like one. So, just like the classic full beard, and the ducktail beard we've detailed before, the garibaldi should be grown in the same way; depending on your beard hair growth speed, up to 3 months growing time to a minimum length of 1 inch before starting to shape in any way.

Once grown to the minimum length, your moustache hair needs to be kept neat and tidy, well-shaped and at a consistent length while the rest of the beard is left to grow out naturally to a maximum length of 20cm. Once you get close to the 20cm limit, you can use a combination of a beard trimmer with beard grooming scissors to maintain the correct length. After one or two trims, your garibaldi beard will start to resemble that iconic square, cut off shape.

Tips For Styling And Maintaining The Garibaldi Beard Style

The garibaldi beard style allows your hair to grow naturally, which works excellently for those who doubt their beard shaping skills. To style and maintain this look, keep the following pointers in mind.

- To achieve the perfect garibaldi, regularly trim and maintain your moustache and upper cheek areas while letting the rest of your beard hair grow out naturally.

- Make sure your beard does not exceed 20cm in length.

- The more natural your garibaldi beard appears, the better.

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