Why Do You Need Beard Care Products?

Beard care products are essential for maintaining and growing your beard. There are several products that can help to keep your beard in the best condition and shape possible while also boosting your beard growth speed.

How to maintain a beard? Let's look at some of the must-have products that every beardsman should invest in:

Beard Oil:

You need to add high-quality beard oil to your beard grooming kit immediately. What is beard oil? Beard oil is a carefully blended concoction of carrier and essential oils that can include sweet almond, jojoba, cedarwood and tea tree, to name a few.

What does beard oil do? Its combined mixture of mineral oils provides your beard with the necessary nourishment and moisture that it requires to thrive and boosts growth, thickness and overall hair health.

Beard Balm:

Beard balms are also conditioning products, some of them are created with beeswax, whereas others constitute butter or lanolin as their main composition.

The wax-based beard balm provides your beard with a styling hold whereas butter/lanolin-based balms condition and soften your beard; both, however, are designed to help tame a stubborn beard.

Moustache Wax:

The sole purpose of moustache wax is to aid with styling. They work best for people who have thick moustaches that can be hard to control; however, anyone with a moustache can use them. Moustache wax can be used on top of beard balm and bread oil and is a finishing product designed to hold your moustache in place all day.

Beard Brush / Beard Comb:

The best brush for your beard is a boar bristle type. Beard brushes are better than conventional brushes as the bristles are of a heavier weight and are explicitly designed to help groom and keep your beard hair in place. When it comes to combing your beard wide-toothed or coarse beard combs are your best option rather than the conventional hair combs. You can also get a heated beard straightening combs too, these are the easiest, quickest and most convenient option for grooming and shaping your beard.

Beard Shampoo / Wash / Conditioner:

When buying a beard shampoo, soap, or beard wash for your beard, make sure you stay away from those products that contain sulphides, sulphates, detergents and paraffin. It is also recommended not to wash your beard daily as it can be harmful to the hair as it strips away all the natural protective hair oils.

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