Tips For Growing The Beard Of Your Dreams

If you wish to embark on a beard growth journey, you must be asking questions like how to get a fuller beard? or how to grow a beard fast?

Well, there are specific tips that every man should follow when growing the beard of their dreams. Make sure you stick to the following pointers to achieve your killer beard.


As they say, every new journey begins with a clean slate. The same goes for your beard growth quest; you need to shave to get your skin prepped. Start with washing your face with a quality cleansing face wash. This will get rid of any oil, dirt, and dead skin.

Now, apply a pre-shaving oil to soften your stubble. Proceed with the shaving process and once you're done, make sure you use a good moisturiser. You can expect your beard to be itchy for the first few weeks.

Don't Give In To The Itch:

One major issue men get when growing a beard is the deadly beard itch. Without a doubt, an itchy beard is uncomfortable, and many men may find it hard to cope with.

However, as strong as this itch might be, it won't last for too long. You can reduce the beard itch by moisturising your face and by applying a beard balm or beard oil regularly. Using a beard brush and beard wash is also recommended.

Remember The Moustache:

If you are also growing a moustache or already have one, maintain it by giving it tiny trims every 3 to 4 days so that stray hairs are avoided. Remember to keep the focus on the area directly under the nose and make sure you use proper grooming scissors.

Load Up On Vitamins:

You won't be able to build a house with broken bricks, and it's the same case for your beard. Even though beard growth depends on fat and protein for the most part, it does however also need an ample amount of Vitamins such as B3, B5, and B9. Make sure you load up on nuts, lean meats, milk, egg yolks and greens for good beard growth.

Stay Committed:

There are many hurdles men face when growing a beard, and some may get frustrated and give up during the process. The trick is to stay committed and wait patiently for the results; they will come.

It would be best if you committed for four weeks at least to get an idea of your beards look and texture. Once you make it through the initial stages, your beard-related worries and issues will stop altogether.

Moisturise And Use Beard Oil:

It is essential to use care items such as beard balm to promote the growth of your beard and nourish your facial hair. Beard oil is also loaded with necessary vitamins, essential oils and minerals that help your facial hair to grow thicker and faster.

While growing your beard, you should stop using regular soaps and shampoos that are loaded with chemicals. Incorporating beard growth oil into your daily routine will give proper nourishment to your facial hair and help to grow your beard thicker and quicker.

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