How To Trim & Shape Your Beard?

A beard looks at its best when it's in shape, period and the only way to keep it in shape is with regular shaving and trimming. No matter how convenient it may be to skip this time-consuming chore in the mornings, it's imperative that when you've got facial hair, you dedicate just a little amount of time every day to maintaining your beard and moustache, even if it means going to your local barber for a trim.

So, how do you trim your beard? Let us give you an in-depth, detailed guide of how you can have your beard looking prim and proper day in and day out.

Clean Your Beard:

When you're about to give your beard its much-needed trim, it is essential that you clean it first. Start by washing and conditioning your beard with a high-quality beard shampoo and beard conditioner. This will help make your beard softer and more manageable to work with.

Once clean and conditioned, you can move on to the next step.

Brush, Brush, And Brush:

Once your beard is dry, it's time to brush it. Using only a quality beard brush, make sure to brush the hair in the direction of its growth; this will help the facial hair stand up and outwards making the trimming and shaping stages much more manageable. It will also help identify any differences in the length of your beard hair that may need to be addressed.

It's Time For The Trim:

How to shape a beard; You can use clippers to get your desired length if your preference is a short, simple style and you want to go for an even length overall. If you prefer a longer beard, you need to up your styling game by using beard trimming scissors to achieve your desired length, shape and style.

A universally used technique for shorter styles involves letting the hair on your chin stay a bit longer as compared to hair on the sides of your face. The moustache hair should then be the same length as the hair on your temples and cheeks, and you can use a beard trimmer to achieve this look.

The Moustache:

It is entirely up to you regarding how high over your upper lip you want to trim your moustache. Some men like to keep it clear, whereas others prefer some overhang.

If you're not sure what the best way to go about this is for you, then we recommend to start low and then gradually trim upwards until you find a moustache length you're happy with.

Define Your Neckline:

This is the part that many find tricky. So how do you achieve the perfect neckline without compromising your beard? The safest way is by trimming all the fuzz under your Adam's apple, how under or above varies from person to person. Then shave a soft curved U shape with your razor from one ear lobe to the other.

The Cheek Line:

The cheek line is referred to as the topmost area of your beard that makes its way into the area of the upper cheeks. You have the option of letting it grow or giving it a trim if it heads out too high. It's totally your preference if you want to shape this, many men just leave this as it grows as the hair here usually naturally follows the shape of your beard and doesn't always need shaping.

Finish With An Oil:

Your facial hair also needs moisture, and we recommend that you finish the process off by applying beard oil, a must in your beard grooming kit. To distribute the oil evenly through your beard first rub it into your beard with your hands then run a beard comb through the hair to evenly distribute the product throughout your beard.

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