How To Grow A Beard & What Is The Best Time To Grow A Beard?

There are several things a man can do to promote beard growth and the overall health of facial hair to achieve the very best look. Many men most probably live a lifestyle that inhibits hair growth, so make sure you pay heed to the following steps:

Patience Is A Virtue:

Everyone has different facial hair growth speed and thickness that varies all over the face. However, with patience, many men can flaunt a style that suits them.

Some may go for a full beard, whereas others will opt for a goatee beard and some for a patchy beard. When you start growing a beard for the first time, for the love of God, leave it alone at least for a few weeks. Even though it will be uneven and itchy, you have to deal with it with patience.

Proper Sleep And Healthy Lifestyle:

Your general health and lifestyle play a vital role in promoting hair growth. For starters, cellular turnover is the highest at night, which is the same time when all hair grows. If you aren't getting sufficient sleep, your hair won't grow as well as it can.

If you want to give your beard growth an ultimate boost, get lots of sleep, do plenty of exercise and eat a balanced diet.

Follow A Skincare Routine:

Skin that is well looked after grows stronger and healthier hair. Thoroughly washing your face in the morning and evening, following an exfoliating ritual once or twice a week and moisturising regularly will keep your skin looking healthy and hydrated. This entire process will promote facial hair growth while giving your skin a fresh look.

What Is The Best Time To Start Growing A Beard?

It is a common question that most men ask themselves when they plan on letting their facial hair grow. You must know that several factors come into play for selecting the right time for growing a beard.

For example, does your office allow you to come in with a shabby look? Or are you ready to face the opinions of friends and family when they see you start to flaunt your stubble? Let's be real; in the initial phase of beard growth, most men do not look their best.

This is why a good way to go about growing a beard is when you are on a break from work. You can make the most of your holidays and allow your beard to grow its heart out without the fear of being judged for that messy beginner period.

Once you get over with the initial stage, you can style your full beard to your desired shape and flaunt your latest, more masculine look.

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