Fun And Interesting Beard Facts

How can a beard be interesting? It's just a whole bunch of facial hair that happily grows away on a man's face. The truth is, beards are more interesting than you initially thought, so, we've gathered together our favourite fun and interesting facts about beards that we're confident you never knew.

- The chemical dihydrotestosterone (10 points if you can read that) is responsible for growing a beard and its level in a human changes according to each season of the year. It is at its highest during summer, which is why growing your manly mane during this season is the ideal time.

- One man who absolutely despised beards was Alexander the Great. He wouldn't allow any of his soldiers to have a beard as he believed it would make them venerable to an enemy as the enemy could easily grab their beard hair during an attack. Check out the full history on beards.

- Louis XIII used to shave his subjects and name the result a 'royal' shave, that's where that term originated from.

- Many ancient civilisations believed that a well-grown and groomed beard was a symbol of ultimate wisdom. They also believed that the best form of punishment for a man was to completely chop off his beard to destroy his wisdom and honour.

- Since the olden ages, beards have been the ultimate symbol of masculinity. The sole reason why primitive cave dwellers kept their beard was to intimidate enemies, stay warm, and protect their face from any physical harm during fights.

- The popularity of beard growth has had its fair share of ups and downs; however, its importance was the highest during the Middle Ages. Touching someone else's beard during this time in some countries was considered a high offence with capital punishment.

- Sarwan Singh is a Canadian who is the proud Guinness World Record holder for having the world's longest beard. His manly mane measures at a whopping length of 250 cm.

- It's not just men who are capable of flaunting lustrous long beards; some women can give it a shot as well. Melinda Maxie, an elderly American citizen, holds the Guinness World Record for a bearded female with a 25.5cm long beard.

- The man with the longest beard ever recorded is Norwegian-American Hans Langseth. When he passed away in 1927, his beard was an astounding 533cm in total length.

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